nightmareofgotham: "hey, I like your gif set of Stephanie McMahon. I was wondering where the video is for it."

Thank you but which one? I always download the full shows and working from them.

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Anonymous: "wow i've missed you <3."

Wow you surprised me, whoever you are dear anon. This just came out of nowhere. I’ve been back for a while, just not posting much (xwt hate me so I can’t download proper torrents of wrestling in general T_T)

anyway I’ll try to post someting ^^

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Samuel Shaw knows he only has one job and working hard to make the best out of it so I have to give him a round of applause.


The storyline has a “bit” of Russo style but it’s the most interesting shit going on in TNA atm. You know I love me some weirdos XD

and plus 10 points for adding Mr. Anderson in this whole stuff. To be honest, most of the time I’m just like…