They should make a movie about Paul Heyman’s life in good old 80’s style.

I just love when he talks about his life. Even if half the things are not exactly true, it would still be amazing.


nightmareofgotham: "hey, I like your gif set of Stephanie McMahon. I was wondering where the video is for it."

Thank you but which one? I always download the full shows and working from them.

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Anonymous: "wow i've missed you <3."

Wow you surprised me, whoever you are dear anon. This just came out of nowhere. I’ve been back for a while, just not posting much (xwt hate me so I can’t download proper torrents of wrestling in general T_T)

anyway I’ll try to post someting ^^

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Oh my, Chris is in the indies… with Alex, AJ, Petey, Sonjay, Jay ^^ Gosh I wanna make a wrestling company and sign them asap.

Now officially all my old TNA favs are in the indies and I’m absolutely not sad about it. I’d love them all to reunite in some form. 
With Kaz and Daniels (if), all the originals leaving (except Storm and Abyss maybe) and it’s kind of sad and tells a lot about the current product.

Whatever, I with all of them happiness ><
Now I have to hunt down all the indie shows and watch them…

oh and dear TNA, Impact or whatever, I hope Jeff’s new company’s gonna be successful *evil laughing at max*

This was the most eventful and emotional week of them all in the wrestling world, jeeez…


Samuel Shaw knows he only has one job and working hard to make the best out of it so I have to give him a round of applause.


The storyline has a “bit” of Russo style but it’s the most interesting shit going on in TNA atm. You know I love me some weirdos XD

and plus 10 points for adding Mr. Anderson in this whole stuff. To be honest, most of the time I’m just like…